10 New Trends For Photo Booth Lovers

Photo booths are the ever growing obsession at parties, store openings, office and home gatherings. So it’s no surprise that 2019 brings us even more trends to help us achieve that perfect and fun photo to treasure.

Here are the 10 photo booth trends that are here to stay in our snaps!

The Beauty Filters

Of course this one has to be the most wanted feature of a great party photo. Photo booths are evolving and making us even more beautiful. Think of those glam filters as a subtle Photoshop in a booth. Pretty skin, better light, brighter smile and you’re ready for your photo!

The GIFs

The photo strip might be a classic feature, but nothing is more Internet friendly than the GIF Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles – Motion is set to be the next big thing for our photo booth experience. And it has instant meme potential.

The Wild Backdrops

Futuristic, whimsical, romantic – backdrops are the most essential part of the set for any photo. This year the props are getting bigger and better. So much more that they are leaving the photo booths and turning into whole sets.

The Art Booths

Not just photos, but art! This year brings more and more artistic collaborations that literally turn photo booths into works of modern art. Then all you have to do is step inside of the painting and strike a pose.

The Video booths

Yes, not only GIFs, but videos to capture whole moments of your special occasions. It feels like your small moment on the big screen. A big plus for video booths is the possibility to record a personal message to your hosts, so this one is perfect for weddings and birthdays.

The Projection videos

Until those video booths become more common there are always the projection videos. With the use of motion graphics and a little imagination you can turn every photo into one-of-a-kind memory. Projecting videos gives you a lot of artistic freedom – colors and shapes you can change all through the event.

The Portable Snaps

For those times you just have to have a photo booth… You can now rent a portable photo booth. Obviously with this one you will have to rely on your own imagination for the set inside, which can be even more fun.

The Illusion booths

In the search of a perfect backdrop nothing beats magic! Illusions with mirrors can be both stylish and scary. Different forms and depth also create an unforgettable snap that tricks and delights the eye.

The minimalist booths

If there is one trend to watch this year, it’s the minimal trend. Clean and clear, simple but powerful! Those backdrops can be spotted at the fanciest parties and will often impress you with modern textures and sleek design. They are also the easiest backdrop to turn into a classy black and white photo.

The office in colour

Even office photo booths have their own trend for 2019. And it’s here to save us from the inevitably awkward office portraits. Instead your work space might need a photo booth with simple colors. They still look professional but not too serious, they are great to add some contrast and you can actually choose a photo that makes you look good.