The Most Mind Blowing Games of 2018

The best Games coming this year and beyond, always excited to be here to be talking about the wonderful and mind blowing games , which have being released and yet to be released .Today, am going to take you to a different planet of not only classic games, the best you need to play or wait to play it. What are you waiting for gamers? Are you ready with me to play some exciting games am going to discuss here. What is discussed here is truly the best of the best. Best games of 2018 and other exciting games we as gamers are waiting for. These is the journey, here are the list. Explore and
pick your choice or just take all. Is allowed …

First game on the list is:


This is a game that was developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It has a slice of supernatural life in it. The plot is played a character in the game Jonathan Reid, who is doctor who turned himself into vampire.

The doctor comes to understand and accept his condition, even though he is confronted with the Hippocratic Oath and the new thirst for blood. In the game you get fight most combat, and also you can avoid the combat. The game gives you a chance to also kill innocents or not, that’s you own choosing.

There is a dialogue option that gives you a clear on the conversations happening. You use your weapons and supernatural abilities to fight off your enemies. Vampires all over the place, you get to kill and feed yourself and move on in the story. More over the setting is in London, fictional London, with semi open world, which is made up four districts. So you get to move along so many places and kill vampires.

The Assassins Creed Odyssey

This is game where the Greece journey awaits you; the fate is in your hands. Is adventure role playing game. Where you get to play as either Alexius or the Kassandra . You get to explore the great city of Greece, fighting your way to be the hero. You must anyone that comes your way; you need to ensure your family and your country Greece is in order. You get to have beautiful scenery of the setting of Ancient Greece

The Hit man 2

This is the game you need to get , it has all the action you can think of . You get to track your targets and kill them in anywhere you can. This is the game, where every mission counts. Agent 47 is code name of the character, when playing you to experience the thrill of being the best spy killer in the world. It follows an interesting you will love. I love this game, the story line follows. The mission this time is to kill or destroy the shadow client and unravel his militia group. But later on, when the agent found out whom is truly, everything changes in the story an interesting game to play.

Shadow of the Tomb raider

The Lara Crofts story continues, this time round with a more intriguing line, she must learn to become better in skills and
combat to master everything she knows to overcome and save the planet from an apocalypse.

I hope the knowledge about these best games for the year will make get ready to buy and try it for you self. If is not out yet. Just wait and be patient. Thanks for reading.