3 Cool Crowd-Funded Tech Gadgets Coming Soon

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have changed the way innovators and entrepreneurs get their products to market. It’s now easier than ever, if you have a unique idea, to get funding and bring that idea to life. This has allowed tech-savvy enthusiasts to bring those products to fruition in a crowded marketplace. Here are 3 Cool Gadgets coming to the market soon.

Morus Zero Ultrafast Countertop Tumble Dryer

Much like the name implies, this is an ultracompact, and ultraportable dryer that sits on your countertop and requires nothing but an electrical outlet. Designed to hold approximately 3.3 lbs (the equivalent of roughly 5 mens shirts), this dryer is built for speed. It uses a vacuum dehydration technique which essentially pulls the moisture out of the clothes by lowering the air pressure in the dryer. It comes complete with a lint catcher and water tank that must be emptied when full. The dryer has 7 drying modes and a sterilization option to clean the tank and outtake valves. This device has already met its goal and is looking to launch sometime in 2020.

Dynamove Mobile Charger

Banking on the idea that an uncharged phone during our daily walk might be cause for alarm, the Dynamove team found a solution. Using a team of engineers, designers, software developers, and electricians, they built a device that attaches to the charging port on your phone and on a pad that slides in your shoe. Ten sensors inside the pad record pressure and can generate up to 22 volts of power which translates to amps. A wire runs from the phone in your pocket to the pad in the shoe, which may change once the prototype is finalized. This project is 65% funded and is roughly $9,000 dollars short of its goal. Once this prototype is approved, Dynamove hopes to launch in 2020.

Nature Box: Smart, Simple, Renewable Indoor Garden

Anyone with a green thumb or any interest in being Eco-friendly can look into this alternative to gardening outdoors. The Nature Box supports compostable plant pods that can be plants, herbs, or flowers. The device is fully automated, allowing full growth through regulated lighting and watering, and soilless substrate. With a small footprint that makes it ideal for small apartments or offices, the Nature Box has a clean aesthetic and over 16 hours of automatic lighting. The only task you have, once the pods are in place, is to keep the water tank full. Refills on plant pods are relatively inexpensive and can be bought in various increments, including a 2-year supply. And because it’s so Eco-Friendly, it only uses 8watts of power when lit. This product has been fully funded and has begun production. Most early bird adopters should be receiving their products by December.

3 Cool Crowd-Funded Tech Gadgets Coming SoonWith a market crowded to bursting with new ideas and fantastic products, it will take something unique to catch on. These 3 products offer something both timely, and useful. With their strong backing and support, we won’t have to wait long to see just how fantastic they are.