Spectacles Is A Revolutionary Wearable From A Familiar Source

If you are a “selfie addict”, there is a high probability that you have, or are using an app called Snapchat. Even though the company has been doing more than well enough, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t leave it at that, right? Well, the short answer is a resounding NO. This past week, Snapchat-ers around the world received some very exciting news. For starters, the company is now called Snap Inc. But it doesn’t stop there.

The company has announced a new product called Spectacles – and it is quite exquisite.
As the name describes, Spectacles are, well, spectacles. Sunglasses to be precise. But its not the UV protection that makes this eyewear special. Believe it or not, Spectacles comes with an inbuilt wireless camera so that you can record all your favourite moments on-the-go. After working on the new wearable for a couple of years, Snap Inc is finally unveiling it to the world.

The video camera is fitted into the corner of the frame and is surrounded by a ring of tiny lights to notify you and others that you’re recording. A button in the left corner, beside the camera, initiates the recording which lasts for up to 10 seconds at a time. By tapping the button again, you can start another 10-second recording. The mini-videos or “Memories”, as Snapchat calls them, get stored in the Snapchat application on your Smartphone.

As the application is compatible with Android and iOS devices, Spectacles too can be connected to devices on both platforms. On Android, the one of a kind sunglasses connects via Wi-Fi only, while on iOS, it is can be connected via Bluetooth as well.

Memories are recorded through the 115 degree wide angle lens of the aforementioned camera and replicates the view from an actual human eye. When viewing the stored content, you will notice a “circular” format which plays the short video from the users point of view – literally. According to Snap Inc, Spectacles is estimated to last for a full day. The ring of lights also acts as a battery indicator, so that you know when your device needs charging. To charge the wearable, place the Spectacles in its case and connect it to a power source.

When it comes to pricing, Snap Inc looks to be targeting every smartphone user who loves to record their favourite moments. Spectacles comes with a very affordable price tag of $129.99. It will be available this autumn and will come in teal, black, and coral color options.

When it comes to innovation, Spectacles might not stand out as the first of its kind, but it definitely will catch more than a few eyes (no pun attended). The style, usability, and pricing of Spectacles make it a sure-shot winner in the wearable department and Snapchat users will find it a must-have accessory for capturing their daily dose of selfie-driven content. So, this autumn, will you be sporting one of the most talked about wearables in the market, or will you too busy creating Memories or your own on Spectacles?