Review of The Garmin Vivofit 4

Wearable technology is proof that the digital age is advancing faster and faster every day. With plenty of unique, stylish, and functional items to choose from, wearable tech is becoming more and more commonplace, especially in the world of sports and fitness.

Garmin, a GPS and wearable technology manufacturer and maker, has recently released their latest product into the market: the Vivofit 4. It is a basic and simple fitness tracker without extra bells and whistles, tracking only steps, time, calories burned, and sleep. It can also track distance, which it does based on the stride length that you input in the settings menu. The smartwatch also automatically starts timers during walks and runs, monitoring higher intensity steps as a separate counter.

Some other features available on this watch are an alarm, a countdown timer, a feature that makes it easy for you to find your phone, and a weather display. It also records times of inactivity that will inform you if you have been sitting still for too long, prompting you to walk for a short while to reset the alert. You can also set daily goals for your fitness journey, which will be automatically and gradually increased as you meet them. These combined features are great for those who need a little extra motivation.

The Vivofit 4’s design is sleek and simple, with a thin band – which is slightly less thick than Garmin’s previous installments – and a small 11mm x 11mm, 88 x 88 pixel screen with 8 colors. It makes use of a single button to cycle through different displays and functions. Unfortunately, that
makes the watch a little inconvenient to use, as you have to click it multiple times to get to the screen you want. Other more complex functions on the watch require different pressing patterns, such as a longer push followed by a shorter one. This is also quite clunky and can be frustrating when you’re figuring out how to get somewhere.

The tracking function on the Vivofit 4 leaves something to be desired. It’s relatively accurate, but nowhere as reliable as a GPS feature would be. However, the smartwatch has the ability to automatically detect and classify a number of different activities, like swimming, biking, and jogging, which is a useful additional feature not typically expected of a product in this price range. You can also sync information tracked using the smartwatch to the Garmin Connect app for easier management and sharing.

In terms of battery life, the Vivofit 4 really shines through. It has a life of over one year before requiring changing, and this is in spite of its always on display, which is a feature new to the Vivofit line. The watch also comes in a few different colours and two sizes, which are both
adjustable like an ordinary watch. There are also small personalization settings available in the watch, which adds a nice custom feel to it.

All in all, the Garmin Vivofit 4 is a great option for those who are looking to get a little more exercise in their life at an affordable price, but is not the best for fitness fanatics who need all the bells and whistles that come with higher end smartwatches. It isn’t a perfect piece of wearable tech, but its simplicity and low price make it worth the investment for those who need an extra fitness boost.

The 10 Perfect Tech Gifts For Christmas 2018

Let’s face it. Christmas is just around the corner. And with Christmas, the season for giving gifts is here with us yet again. But, this time, we won’t be giving our loved ones the usual gifts we give them.

It is time for a change. We will be giving them tech gifts.

Don’t worry about what gift to get them, this article is bringing to you the 10 perfect tech gifts for christmas 2018:

1) MekaMon robot

This is the first gaming robot on planet earth. You can control it using an app you download and install on your iPad or iPhone. A major capability found in this robot is augmented reality.

When buying this, you can choose between white and black colors.

2)Fitbit Alta

Yep. Health is essential. with this fitness tracker, you now have the ability to track your heart rate and everything revolving around your health, including, how well you have slept.

And you know what?

You don’t have to charge the battery every evening. The battery can last for a whole week.

3)Apple iPad pro

This is one you can’t miss. This device has the ability to rival majority of the laptops you see around. The reason behind this is the A10X chip in it.

You can choose from gold, rose gold, spacey grey and silver colors. It will depend on which color you love.

4)Amazon kindle oasis

You have been wondering when you could read while in your bath, right?

Well, wonder no more, amazon kindle oasis has just fulfilled your fantasies. This device is water proof.

On top of that, it has a high-resolution seven-inch display.

5)Hue starter kit (from philips)

This won’t break your bank account but it will turn your home from an ordinary home to a smart home. You get controllable lights which offer both brightness and color, all in a single installation.

These you can control using siri or any other similar app.

6)Amazon Echo Plus

This is a smart speaker that has a hub for your smart home built into it. With this, you have the ability to control appliances, lights, and plugs. In general, you can control all the smart devices in your home.

7)GoPro Hero sessions

This is a camera and you can easily mount it to your helmet. Both WiFi and bluetooth are enabled in this device. It is water proof, hence you don’t have to worry when you go on an adventure and it starts to rain.

Additionally, when you acquire this cam, you get yourself a device with photo burst and time lapse features. Also, one-button control is present.

8)VicTsing Shower speaker

This piece of tech is bringing music right to you in the shower.

Don’t worry about water damaging it while you take a bath. It is water proof.

Nobody wants wires in the shower. That is why this device is wireless.

If you want to make your loved ones enjoy their shower experience. Then, get them this gift.

9)Google Daydream

Do you know anyone with an android phone who you would like to get a gift?


This gift is just perfect for them.

This is how you introduce your loved ones to virtual reality. The reason being, you will not have to break your bank account to acquire this gift.

10)Ring Video Doorbell

Ever wanted to remain comfortable on your sit when someone rings your doorbell?

Then, this device is for you. It has the ability to send an alert to your tablet or smartphone any time the buzzer on your door is pressed.

The HD-camera and two-way microphones available make it possible for you to interact with the person on the door without actually going to the door.

3 Pieces of Tech Infused Fashion Pieces You Should Check Out

Smart clothes is the word that has come to represent wearable fashion that has technology or gadgetry infused into it. They are designed to be used for various purposes including charging our gadgetry, tracking your heart rate during exercise, monitoring your health, your destination, the list is endless. Tech fashion is still a new concept, hence designers are still finding new ways to come up with fashion for the mass market – outside of sports, and monitoring our fitness and health.

Levi Strauss and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division have partnered to make a smart jacket for urban cyclists known as Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket. It’s a denim jacket with a smart tag and a touch screen on the left sleeve cuff, which helps you connect with your phone using gesture controls like swiping or tapping the sleeve, LEDs and haptic feedback. The touch screen is actually a specially woven yarn made for gestures. The smart tag has a rechargeable battery which lasts almost two weeks after re-charging. Some of the basic features are:

1. Handle calls or texts without having to pull your phone out of your jacket.

2. Play, pause, or skip music you’re listening to.

3. Hear your directions for your destination. It connects to Google maps.

4. Counting miles traveled.

The technology woven into the fabric is provided by Google’s Jacquard. Jacquard’s threads are woven into the cuff and wirelessly connected to your smartphone. First off, the Jacquard app which is available for both ios and Android will ask you to customize different gestures and features for your suitability, such as what should happen when you tap twice on your yarn or what happens when you brush toward or away from you.

Google’s Jacquard is:

1. Its an attractive looking jacket based on a classic trench coat design.Its good work from Levi.

2. The back is not longer than the front and the cuffs are tighter.

3. The smart tag is small and the sleeve is highly responsive.

4. You can remove the smart tag and wash your jacket.

5. You can use it as a normal jacket off the bike.


1. Expensive, you will cough up $350 USD for one.

2. You have to have your smartphone around you and headphones on.

3. The smart tag is removable and this will help in washing the jacket but the fabric of the jacket will not last after being washed 10 times.

4. The Jacquard app works with Android 6.01 or newer versions and ios 10 or newer versions.

5. Since its highly responsive, it goes without saying that the sleeve is a touch sensitive.

Google and Levi had partnered before, but this jacket has a lot of promise compared to their earlier releases. It is just starting to hit stores with its earliest release coming on Wednesday September 27th. This smart jacket is also available on Levi’s Site from October 2nd. But this is all in US for now.

Kickstarter’s New Project: ORII – The Voice Powered Smart Ring

Have you ever wished things to be simpler without a smart phone in your hand? Well. ORII will capture the market in no time. This device is a top-notch invention that will let its users experience multiple things using just their finger. Kickstarter has initiated this project that it hopes to launch very soon. It will surely be a pivotal point in the field of technology. It is designed to provide people with a better and convenient way in handling calls. ORII is a minuscule device that plays an equal role to that of Siri or a Google Assistant. You can answer calls, receive messages and manage almost anything on your phone just with a touch on your ear. All it requires is your finger to come in contact with your ear.

If you are thinking how this works, it gets a bit technical. What ORII does is send sound along with your finger into the ear through bone conduction. This device is able to give you a fresh new experience and complete privacy. Only the user can hear all that is passed on to him/her through the finger. This is proven, tested and used even as hearing aids in the medical field.

According to those who have tried it, it is simply an amazing experience and the audio is perfectly clear for you to hear. To begin using ORII you have to long-press the sensor button in the device and ORII will instantly coordinate with your phone’s voice assistant. In no time you will be able to find whatever you need at your fingertips.

What’s more fascinating is the handy design it comes in. It is small, light-weight and can be easily worn. It is manufactured using anodized aluminum which is scratch resistant and splash-proof. It is durable and water resistant which makes things more comfortable for the user. So, you don’t have to hesitate to eat a snack or wash your hands wearing ORII.

Today, your smart phone is crucial for you and tends to use it in almost every place and every time. This is perfect if you want your eyes away phone screen for some time and spend more quality time with your family members or friends. You will be able to hear things absolutely clear even in loud places and have private conversations of your will. This is because it is through physical vibrations audio is transferred and background noises are not able to interfere it. ORII comes in three elegant colors for the users to choose from.

The functions performed by ORII is endless. Perhaps, it is the best chance to make full use of your phone’s voice assistant like Siri. ORII will let you make calls, send messages, set schedules and reminders and voice search. It calls also be used for purposes such as translation and navigation. You are even able to customize your notifications and calls. Set different colors for notifications of your favorite apps and contacts. This way you know who is calling you through the color of the LED light.

ORII is a revolution in the smart world.Stay tuned for more information on this super gadget because ORII will simplify your life and make smart phones much easier to use.

A Recent Unprecedented Cyber Security breach

The Friday global cyber attack that hit universities, businesses and health systems has raised alarm among institutions and security experts, affecting over 150 countries. United Kingdom was the first and the worst affected, suffering the hit with 48 National Health Organizations hit, a tragedy that robed of the institution test results, x-rays and patient records, leading to suspension of operations. However, all these institutions except six agencies have already embarked on normal operations with their patient data intact.

In a political debate that was held on Sunday in UK, the Conservative government was accused by both Labor Party and Liberal Democrats for failure to prevent the breach and demand for an investigation. The labor party further claimed that the Conservatives slashed the IT budget meant for NHS and failed to renew a contract meant to protect its computer systems. In response, Michael Fallon, the British Defense Minister told BBC of the government’s attempts to restore the NHS cybersecurity with the set aside $64 million.

Of the 200,000 computers which were hit (as reported on Sunday), many belonged to the government agencies and other big institutions around the world. Big institutions suffered vulnerability due to outdated technology, one of them being the NHS. This figure had risen from Friday’s 75,000.

This attack has seen the US President Trump signing an executive order to safeguard his nation’s IT system which is also said to be aging. This occurred following an emergency meeting Trump had called to assess the cyberattack threat, followed by another meeting on Saturday meant to find out the perpetrators.

The hacking was termed ‘unprecedented’ by Europol Rich Barger, US security expert recognized it as the largest ever global ransomware attack to confront the cyber community across the globe.

Spain’s Telefonica, Iberdrola and Gas Natural also suffered the attack. US FedEx also had its Windows Computers Hacked. In Russia’s interior ministry, 1000 computers got infected but the ministry later on handled the virus and reported to have lost no sensitive information. Germany Railway company, Deutsche Bahn, North England’s Nissan Manufacturing Center, Renault (Car Manufacturer in French) and several institutions in China were all affected with this attack.

On Saturday, the New York Times reported that all infected computer systems around the globe were asked via email to pay $300 to $600 in form of bitcoin so as to have their devices unlocked, a command that was promptly obeyed by most users in fear of their systems’ collapse. This means that the hackers gained around $1 billion!

Experts now believe that the hackers used a tool which had been developed by US National Urgency to perpetrate their hacking on Microsoft Windows Computers. It is therefore believed that ransomware greatly contributes to the organizational infiltration in US.

One of the committed British cybersecurity researcher reported to have discovered the ‘kill switch’ which seemed to prevent the spread of malware. The researcher noticed the virus searching for the unregistered address. Oblivious of the effect, he tried to register the domain only to find out he had already halted the spread.

On Saturday, the founder of the United Arab Emirates cybersecurity Company’s founder Matthieu Suiche reported that the killswitch could temporarily minimize the impact in US. It is still feared by security experts and government officials that additional hackers may alter malware codes and conduct another similar attack.

As stated to Reuters, Japanese government cybersecurity advisor Willian Saito warned that most companies may possibly fail to realize that their systems were affected, till Monday.

To sum up, despite all the speculations, it is still unclear who or what caused the attack. It may require months to conduct investigations aimed at establishing full evidence.

How important is it to fight Ransomware?

On Friday May 12, 2017 a massive ransomware infection hit computers across 99 countries, including Russia, China, England, USA and Spain. This infection, WannaCry, is spread through a worm – a program that automatically spreads amongst computer systems. The birth of this program can be traced to NSA’s attempt to identify weaknesses in Microsoft systems which was stolen by a group of hackers known as The Shadow Brokers who made it available to the general public in April this year as a protest against US President, Donald Trump.

The BBC reported that more than 40 of England’s National Health Service (NHS) hospitals and numerous health practices were hit the worst, with thousands of crucial surgeries and appointments cancelled as a result. The malware spread like fire and people across the world began to report computers shutting down in quick succession. Staff at NHS hospitals shared screenshots of the attack which demanded $300 (£230) in the virtual currency Bitcoin as ransom to free the files for each computer system.

As the day progressed more and more reports began flooding in from European countries, particularly up to 1,000 computers in Russia’s banks, interior and health ministries, railway and a mobile phone network. However, the virus was countered effectively and quickly so no sensitive data was compromised. In Spain, telecom, power and utility companies were hit and staff were told to shut down their computers. The French car manufacturer, Renault, Portugal’s Telecom and the courier company FedEx were also affected. Social media sites such as Twitter were flooded with thousands of pictures and posts about this virus throughout the weekend.

Even though the spread of this attack was temporarily alleviated when a British cybersecurity researcher activated a ‘kill switch in the malware’s code’ which bought additional time for all affected organizations, it didn’t help those that were already hit by the ransomware.

It is crucial to stop such attacks because they are not only criminal activities which affect individual privacy but also pose long term negative effects and dangers to businesses and economies. Organizations were left virtually at a standstill during this recent attack. If left unchecked, such attacks can breach private data, such as credit card information which can leave innocent and unsuspecting citizens exposed to fraud and theft. In the light of recent ransomware attacks, crucial medical operations were also suspended which left patients without necessary treatment and could eventually put their lives at risk.

To develop long term measures for ransomware protection and protection against such attacks in future, government officials from seven countries have met in Italy to assess the threat of this cyber-attack and its implications on security as well as the global financial system. This will enable mobilization of all countries to pledge global cooperation against cyber-crime and strengthen vulnerabilities of security measures.

Experts emphasis that users can themselves protect their systems by employing certain safety measures. One of these includes regularly backing up your system through off-line sources such as data banks and hard drives. It is also important to be extremely vigilant while visiting suspicious websites and opening attachments to ensure the safety of your system.

The Many Ways VR Is Being Used For Innovation

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that has taken the whole world by storm. Many knows it as a three-dimensional, computer-generated digital world that can be explored by use of headsets, sensors, glasses and other special equipments, but rarely do they know its many applications. This article discusses various applications of the VR technology

VR Glasses – Virtual reality glasses are becoming a hit in computer gaming and entertainment industry in that they incorporate interactive functionalities unlike the traditional glasses. Apart from being able to show images in 3D, they can also be used to play audio files, videos, view maps and connect to the internet. There are many renowned brands of VR glasses available in the market today e.g. Google, HTC, Samsung and many more.

VR Headsets / VR Boxes – A VR Headset provides immersive virtual reality environment for the wearer. VR headsets are widely used in computer gaming but are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers. A wide range of these headsets are cross platform i.e. they are compatible with most mobile operating environments. They can be used to watch 3D movies from mobile devices. Various types are available e.g. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard among others.

Healthcare – This sector has been one of the biggest adopters of the VR technology, established health institutions are using computer generated images for treatment and diagnosis. Virtual-reality simulations use actual diagnostic images from a computerized tomography scans or ultrasounds to construct 3D models of a patient’s anatomy. The virtual models help surgeons and medical practitioners to perform safe medical procedures on a patient. Through virtual reality and with the help of 3D printing, models of medical parts can be developed for studies and references. Other examples of VR in healthcare includes human simulation software, virtual robotic surgery etc.

Automotive Manufacturing – In automotive industry, VR technology has been deployed to design and process virtual prototypes of vehicles before real production can commence. This is done using high-tech simulation software to enable designers to inspect and test various aspects of the vehicle before mass production. In 2013, Ford became the first automobile maker to deploy a cross-cutting high definition virtual reality lab that enabled its designers and engineers to work simultaneous and real time. This saw massive improvements in the design and general out view of Ford Fusion and Ford Mustang brands. As a result of this simulation, the company was able to cut production cost as result of man power transfer.

Shopping – Traditional online shopping may be a thing of the past if the advancement of VR technology is anything to go by. Of late, apps that can provide virtual tours of stores have come into play thereby improving on the traditional online shopping experience. This is a big paradigm shift from browsing online catalogs since a shopper can virtual walk through a store and select whatever he/she needs. Emergence of apps like Trilleniumcould even allows collaborative virtual shopping where one can shop with his friend.

A Review Of The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Review

March 2017 is an exciting time for Nintendo fans. On March 3, the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch will be released to the public. Many longtime fans of Nintendo have already put in their pre-order and are waiting for their device to be shipped to their door. But what about the casual fan? Is the Switch worth it? Will it be able to compete with the Xbox One or PS4?

One of the biggest selling features of the Switch is its portability. This console works on televisions just as the Xbox One or PS4 does, but it doubles as a portable system. According to, “Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap.”This makes it a great option for parties and get-togethers with friends. No matter where the party is, you can grab the Switch and take it with you. Since it is so easy to take with you, you can play it pretty much anywhere you go. The long battery life of the Switch makes it even more compelling as a portable device. According to tests done by, the battery life of the Switch is better and lasts longer than both the iPad Air and the Playstation Vita. This makes it a viable option for parties, since you can get together and play it for hours before worrying about battery life.

For both longtime and casual fans of Nintendo, the most exciting aspect to the Switch is the release of the latest game in the Legend of Zelda series. The series consists of games that take place in a fantasy world filled with action and adventure.The first game in the series, The Legend of Zelda, debuted in 1986. It was added to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, and since then, it has been a staple to every Nintendo game console that has been released. The Switch is no different, as the launch of the console coincides with the release of the latest game in the Zelda series, namely the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This alone will make many people want to get their hands on the Switch. This iconic series will once again allow gamers to step into a world of discovery and adventure, exploring the fantasy world while working on challenging puzzles and fighting off all kinds of enemies.

There are many other great aspects to the Switch. For instance, the controllers are very user friendly and will be especially useful when playing with friends and family. Of course, there also some drawbacks to the console and some users may prefer to stick with a tried and true console. As with every console, there will be some initial issues to work through, just as the Xbox One and PS4 encountered. It may also take some time before there are an adequate number of games available for this console. Overall, however, the Nintendo Switch appears to be a wonderful addition to the gaming consoles available today. Gamers will be happy to have another option to get their gaming fix.

New Tips & Tricks For your website Design Structures

Uniqueness of web designs marks its importance. Knowledge about SEO tactics can make a huge difference between fair and good designers. Whenever a designer designs a website, he makes a lot of common mistakes, especially in his fresher days. To become a good website builder, one should acknowledge the basic process. If you follow all the basic principles of designing and study all the general workflow issues, you will soon be on the way to become a professional web designer. There are numerous of tips and tricks linked to the structure of website designing.

Tip No.1) Availability of Quality and Fresh content: Your content is the king, its uniqueness and freshness can ruin or uplift a site. If you failed to gather effective material for your content, it will prove disastrous both for the designers as well as search engine. Your content should be easy to read and should complement different users.

Tip No.2) Never Write for Search Engine: It is true that the rank of your website is decided by the search engines, but they are not the actual readers. Yours each page and blog is liked and followed by actual readers and followers who share the link of your post on different social media sites such as Facebook, twitter etc.

Tip No.3) Use of reliable Link structure: In previous time, link structures are not considered of much importance. Now the picture has changed. Many websites are taking the fresh and clean link structures which should be readable, concise and consistent.

Tip No.4) Use of Style guides: Style guides are in the form of large documents that media publicized and favours uniform styling. Web designers can create their own style link to enhance their sites which are beneficial for the designers who join hands with other freelancers.

Tip No.5) Apply Large font sizes: Importance of fonts and their different styling is very popular from a long time, but now in 2016, larger font sizes are in trend as it attracts the readers to focus on your material.

Tip No.6) Importance of spacing: Huge and continuous paragraphs distract the readers to read your content. Apparently, if you showcase your content by providing proper relevant spaces, then your content looks much attention grabbing. You can use bullets, numbering etc.

Tip No.7) Keep the navigation simple: Usually, people keep a view that placing a lot of sidebars blocks posts, etc. will attract the readers towards their website but it is not true. By placing fewer items in your navigation menus and deleting extra sidebars can prove much promising.

Tip No.8) initiate your designing work offline: Rather than creating codes on screen at a high speed, designers should follow the new approach of offline medium, i.e. using the pencil, paper or a wider board in initial stages.

The above discussed tips and tricks will prove very beneficial for the new fresher website designers. Reduction in silly mistakes and use of methods which are in trend will save both time and money. Website designers are not the person who design a website, but the quality of content they offer also matter.

6 Web Design Trends For 2017

Website trends have always kept changing depending on user’s feedback, SEO, and coding methods. 2016 had been great for website design with people trying to come up with unique ideas. Here we run down few promising trends arising for the year 2017:

Visual appeal with at design

Flat design had gained popularity in 2016 and even more popular in 2017. In at design, the sections are arranged next to each other neatly which makes the website easy to interact with. The clean appearance which has been liked by users visually will be a major focus. Simplicity will be the key to making the website visually appealing.

Responsive design everywhere

Knowing the benefits of responsive websites, developers have embraced this change more since past two years. There will be hardly any websites that will be non-responsive. The design approach will always have the mobile view in mind. UI patterns will be created such that they are not very difiicult to align them in responsive view. User’s journey will be the prime focus for desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

Video banner

I am personally not a fan of auto play videos on websites, but video backgrounds are gaining immense popularity since few months. Having video slider along with image slider is a versatile marketing trend which will rise in 2017. Users are liking the idea of instantly watching the video to gain information about the company while online.

Less use of stock photos

It’s high time to change the same old idea of stuffing stock photos in the site. Some photos are so common that they are seen on many other websites also. Customers will be more picky about having unique images for their brand. People are tired of seeing typical bespoke stock images, and hence original custom photos will be welcomed.

Bold typography and colors

We have seen rich colors being quite a rage in 2016 which is a nice stereotype break from the typical web standard colors. The trend has nully changed. Brands will make efforts to look unique and showcase clearly who they are. We will have a more bold choice of typography too. The typography will be making statements, clear and sharper. Web design standard trends for 2017 will see big hero image with a beautiful big typography with nice animations and layers in the text.

Less full parallax websites

We have seen a lot of parallax website in past 2-3 years. This trend is about to vanish because of its side effects with SEO. Parallax websites are usually long one-page websites which do not generate URLs separately for inner pages and hence are not crawled by search engines. Also, the use of heavy script reduces the speed of the site, and mobile view is not so good either. Parallax is not going anywhere. Rather it will be used smartly for certain sections of the site for that excellent Visual treat.

With the above trends, 2017 seems to be a great year ahead for interesting website concepts to come into the market. Creative thinkers are likely to experiment more and build fresh looking websites.