5 Gadgets to Make Running More Enjoyable

You might think you have no preference on what you do when you’re out running. The truth is that when you’re entertained, you can run faster and harder, without realizing just how much you’ve done. This will allow you to accomplish more and to really impress yourself. It’s with that in mind that you’ll want to consider the following five gadgets to make your running more enjoyable.


# 1 – Savfy Sports Stereo Wireless Music Bluetooth Headset

Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 technology, these headphones will allow you to play your favorite songs directly from up to two phones simultaneously. That means you can switch between music with ease as you head out on your run. They deliver superior audio quality and they will work for years to come. That makes this one of the best choices you’ll have for a headset while running. Savfy Bluetooth Wireless Speakers have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years, becoming a top seller on both Amazon and eBay for creative gadgets that can be used during indoor and outdoor activities.

# 2 – Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS & HRM Watch

This smart watch will help you to more effectively use your time outside. It can help you to monitor your heartrate to ensure you remain at an optimum speed at all times. It will also store your activity and let you review up to 200 hours of performance and stats at any given time. This includes pacing, distance, and it’ll give you race predictions. That makes this the ideal choice for runners.

Zensah Knee Sleeve

# 3 – Zensah Compression Knee Sleeve

Knee pain is often a concern for people when they are running. The reason is this activity is incredible hard on your knees. The Zensah compression knee sleeve helps to improve circulation, while preventing chaffing and injury as you run. This is the idea choice for those who are racing, training, and those who want to cut down the healing time they require after a major event.

# 4 – Nike Evolution Forearm Sleeve

When you’re running, you want to keep as little on your body as possible. So bulky shorts with pockets isn’t an option. The Nike Evolution Forearm Sleeve slides over your arm. On it, you have a secure spot to lock in your phone. You can combine it then with Bluetooth earphone and have the chance to run and to listen to all of your favorite music at the same time.

Nathan Mirage Pack

# 5 – Nathan Mirage Pack

For a small, non-intrusive pack to carry items, you’ll want to consider the Nathan Mirage Pack. In it, you can carry all your running essentials with ease. The design provides you better safety and is large enough to carry money, IDs, cellphones, and other small essentials that you might need while you’re out running. All without having to worry about these items falling out of your pocket. This will give you some peace of mind and allow you to focus on the run ahead instead.

From helping you to get lost in the moment with technology, to providing a secure space to carry items for peace of mind. These five items are essential tools for all runners to have. Take a moment to review each option today and find the ones that will best suit your needs.

Mercedes Benz C300 Review – Entry Level Luxury

Mercedes C300

Entry level luxury cars are not a new concept. For years the top European, Japanese, and American manufacturers have tried to provide elegance, comfort, leading design, and competitive performance in packages that are not fiscally out of reach.

The difference today is that the actual luxury you can get in an entry level model is on a level that cars from 20 or even 15 years ago just couldn’t compete with. Due to manufacturing efficiency, entry level luxury cars don’t have to ‘cut corners’ like they used to.

A perfect example of this is the Mercedes Benz C300

The 2015 C300 is a master class in what an entry level luxury car should be. The Avant Garde interior, luxurious and quality trim, full featured navigation package, and bold exterior styling mean that the C300 is no longer just a Mercedes that more people can afford, but it is essentially a stripped down S-Class that still has the ability to turn heads and most importantly, make the driver smile.

Some might find it hard to believe that a C-Class Mercedes can approach the levels of its big brother. But consider this; the interior features the very same power seat and window configuration as the S-Class, the leather on the upholstery is above anything else in its price bracket, and there’s even the option to install the S-Class perfume sprayer for that luxury scent every time the car is driven. The C300 is head and shoulders above anything that Audi or BMW are doing. Put simply, it looks and feels just as a Mercedes Benz is supposed to.

Luxury cars have always meant luxury level performance, but now that the entry level European cars have to compete with some very potent Japanese competition, more attention than ever is being put towards the driving experience. The C300 is as much a luxury car as it is a powerful sports sedan.

The inline 4 cylinder engine is turbocharged to provide optimal performance without sacrificing efficiency. The 2L engine produces almost 250 horsepower, but more importantly it develops 273 lb-ft of torque at 1300rpm. Producing this much torque at the bottom end of the rev range means that the power is instantly accessible. Pick-up from any speed will never be a problem, allowing the C300 to feel like a much more powerful vehicle.

Special attention has been paid to the handling characteristics too. A luxury car should be comfortable for commuting and long haul journeys, but that doesn’t mean that owners don’t want to have some fun now and again. The Sport+ Air Suspension option provides an active suspension with comfort and sport modes, but even without the option the car is a cut above average ride quality. In terms of the best bang for your buck we found through our automotive reviews for the Mercedes C300 class we found some solid models from Dupont Auto Centre Car Dealership Toronto

The C300 is one of the best entry level luxury sedans on the market right now, and many would argue that it is the best. Whether it’s ‘affordable’ luxury or not, is a subjective issue. Quality used models, including those as late as 2012/13 can be had for less than $29,000, and a brand new 2015 model goes for a list price of only $10,000 more.

At these prices and with the level of quality that Mercedes is putting in to the C300, it looks set to take the fight to Audi and BMW for the all-important entry level top spot.